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First Taste of Candy

Get ready for a sexy night in…


Candy Quinn is a prolific author of the sexiest stories. From innocent first times to women who want two – or more – men at once, your First Taste of Candy is sure to thrill you… and your partner.

So cuddle up and get ready to explore your darkest and most forbidden desires with these seven sexy stories.


Her Fertile First Time – A town with a very special way of handling relationships. Two men minimum and only one woman.
Dancing for the Mob Boss – An exotic dancer finds herself drawn to the owner of her club.
The Fertile Farm: Lucy – For years it’d just been Lucy and John on the farm, and they both had pushed down their forbidden feelings for each other until a very special Valentine’s…
Forbidden Angel – Stranded on an island with the two men closest to her, passions grip all three of their hearts.
The Fertile Foreign Exchange – He was expecting a male exchange student, but she’s anything but. After they stumble upon a home intrusion, their primal instincts take over.
The Billionaire & His Brat – She’s been wanting to seduce him for so long, and now she has the perfect plan. An exclusive beach getaway, just the two of them.
Taken by the Bar – Bored of college, she finds the roughest bar, filled to the brim with bikers and bad boys, and offers herself up to them.

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