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Introducing ALASTAIR in Candy Quinn’s sexy new romance series, The Delaney Brothers!

Masie Kent has just come of age and can’t wait to get out of her small, boring town.

When she takes on a position as a maid at a noble lord’s manor to earn a bit of money, she was warned about how commanding Lord Alastair was.

His first command: Put on a maid’s uniform that looks like it belongs to bedroom play, not public cleaning.
His second command: She’s to call him Master.

Little did either of them realize that innocent Maisie had such a submissive streak, and that beneath her good girl exterior lay dark and devious desires that complimented his own. He’ll push her to the limits, explore all the things she kept hidden.

But can she ever uncover the dark secrets behind his cool demeanor?

The Delaney Brothers are all rich, gorgeous, and used to getting what they want. Don’t miss a single installment!