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Forbidden Angel

“You get to have all the men on the island to yourself, and we’ll pamper and love you. Worship and adore you.”

Angel’s a beautiful young woman with a body to die for. A round behind and ample bust compliment a trim waist, and somehow… despite being stranded upon a tropical island, she’s maintained her fair skin.

Though the two men who see to her security and luxury are growing tired of tending to their brat‘s needs as she relaxes in the shade.

How are the three of them going to reconcile this issue? The men of the house (if they had a house) see only one way, while poor little Angel hasn’t thought that far ahead. Is she going to be able to talk some sense into them or is the remote little island going to get much more intimate in the coming days, despite it being her first time, and all three of them being unprotected?