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Introducing JACK in Candy Quinn’s sexy new romance series, The Delaney Brothers!

Jessica Martin has always been a good girl. A little too good. And now’s her chance to finally see the world: a trip to Amsterdam to see her favourite band, live in concert.

Jack Delaney is gorgeous, and has millions of adoring fans. He could have any girl in the world, but his eyes land on her. From that second on, he wants her, and the Delaney Brothers always get what they want.

But Jessica’s never been with a man before, and never imagined losing her innocence in the back room of an afterparty, and certainly not with the lead singer of her favourite band.

Is that all she is? A groupie who had one magical night in Amsterdam?

Or will their lives be changed forever?

The Delaney Brothers are all rich, gorgeous, and used to getting what they want. Don’t miss a single installment!