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Little Brat Peeps On: Fiona’s First Time

“Have you ever been with a man before, Fiona?” he asked her, and I almost answered ‘no’ for her. None of us had! But that would give away my hiding place.

When Mr. Roberts came to our farm, it caused quite the stir. In a house full of girls, he was the only man we’d seen in a long time, and he was goin’ to be tutorin’ me. I couldn’t wait.

But then, all of a sudden, Fiona waltzed into his room and offered him up a slice of cake, and then offered him up that cherry between her thighs. I knew all the best hidin’ spots around the farm, so I followed them to the treehouse, and I saw it all. Him takin’ her innocence, raw and without protection, and got a close up view of the mess he made.

Could even taste it afterwards.

I know it was naughty to watch, but I couldn’t help it…