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Taboo Passions: Sylvia & Zach (Book 3)

“Beg for it,” he commanded, his voice hard.

Zach was so annoyed at that knock at the door, and being interrupted, right when he was going to have Sylvia for the very first time. But now he was more intent than ever that he not only have her, but that he left her craving more. He wanted her to be just as obsessed with him as he was with her, using his tongue, hands, and everything else.


Sylvia couldn’t believe they’d almost gone all the way, and she’d almost let him have her, bare and without anything to separate them. They were interrupted, but when he set to pleasing her with his mouth, she knew she’d be giving her innocence to him, no matter how forbidden and wrong it was.

The earth shattering conclusion to Zach and Sylvia’s taboo & passionate first time.