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The Fertile Pet Maid

“Very good girl,” he remarked with a smile, a certain glint in his eyes that made me both worried and pleased.

Mr. Romy is hot, rich, and a total jerk. Unfortunately, he’s also my boss, and he has a proposition for me: Become his personal maid.

He promises to double my salary and give me a private room in his enormous condo, and I’m too eager to accept. I don’t ask about the sexy maid outfits he wants me to wear. When he commands that I kneel at his side while he eats, feeding me bites as he goes like I’m a pet, I’m humiliated and aroused.

Part of me thinks he must do this to all his maids, but when I find out that I’m special and he’s never had someone like me before, my desires definitely rule out reason in favour of raw passion. He wants my innocence, to claim me for his own, to take me unprotected, and the moment he commands me to lower my panties, I obey.

I always obey.