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Fertile Stewardess

“You know, I’ve flown a lot on these private planes the studios and publishers arrange for me,” he remarked, looking into my soul I felt, with his artist’s gaze. “And I’ve never encountered a flight attendant with such natural feminine beauty that shines forth so radiantly.”

She’s a flight attendant for the wealthy. Flying on private jets, being invited to all the hottest parties, and constantly turning them down.

But when James — a director, author, and songwriter — is flying alone, acting like the polar opposite of most of the hard-drinking, high-flying customers, Sarah’s intrigued. He has more wealth than anyone she knows, but he’s the most down to earth person she’d met in ages.

When they realize how much they truly have in common, sparks fly, and she finds herself doing the one thing she swore she’d never do: Joining the Mile High club on a private jet with a billionaire.


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